Ready to learn about reflexive pronouns? ⁣

¿Estás listo para aprender sobre pronombres reflexivos?

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Ready to learn about reflexive pronouns? ⁣

↪️ Reflexive pronouns refer back to the subject pronoun in a sentence. ⁣

↪️ We often use reflexive pronouns when the subject and the object of the verb refer to the same person or thing, for example:⁣

✔️ He cut himself on broken glass.⁣

✔️ She made herself a cup of tea.⁣

↪️ We can also use reflexive pronouns to emphasise the subject, for example:⁣

The director of the company wrote to us himself to apologise for the bad service. ⁣

↪️ We can use reflexive pronouns with ‘by’ to mean ‘alone’ or ‘without any help’, for example:⁣

✔️ Lucy tied her shoelaces all by herself, and she’s only 5 years old!⁣


Ready to learn about reflexive pronouns? ⁣

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